KM (Kinemantra Meditation) and MPM (Mantrarelevant Psychosomatic Muscletest) have been developed between 1976 to 1990 by the German subject journalist and personal coach Eckhard Block.

KM gained worldwide acclaim for its easy learnability, simple application and its relaxing and regenerative effects.

KM is independent of age, place, religion, culture, denomination and political ideology.

KM is an easy und effortless learnable, as well as an easy und effortless usable deep relaxation technique, that regenerates and vitalizes body, spirit and soul.

KM should be practiced twice a day for approx. 20 minutes - with eyes closed in a comfortable body position.

A calm environment is advantageous to practice KM but not prerequisite.

KM can be practiced alone or together with other meditating people. It is only up to the individual need of the meditator.