Do I have to join an organization to learn KM?
No. Everyone who learns KM practises it for themselves. But it is the individuals choice to practice KM together with other meditating people.

Will I lose grip on reality if I meditate?
During the practice of KM we experience the pure consciousness repeatedly, for only short moments. Modern science explains this as the unified field of all natural laws. Therefore through KM we do become removed from the reality of life, but we do learn correctly how to observe it in us and around us. This is positive for each and every field of our lives.

Can I also learn KM from these sites or from a book?
Meditation can be learned from a book or by guidance and information from these sites.
KM (Kinemantra Meditation) can not be learned by reading these sites or meditation-books, that’s why an authorized meditation teacher with knowledge of the MPM (Mantrarelevant Psychosomatic Muscletest) is necessary.
Every human being is unique because he is distinguished by his psychological, intellectual and physical requirements and characteristics. Therefore KM is taught exclusively by authorized KM-teachers with knowledge of the MPM (Mantrarelevant Psychosomatic Muscletest). An authorized KM-teacher gives the pupil a personal Mantra, the Kinemantra, and guides him competently and professionally in his meditation.

What is the difference between KM
and other meditation techniques?

The majority of the numerous techniques of meditation demand intellectual effort in the form of concentration or physical effort in the form of special seat postures or breathing techniques. For this reason they are relatively difficult to learn and to practice, whereas, KM is easy to learn and effortless to practice. This is why KM is suitable for people who find other relaxation techniques difficult to learn.

Will the practice of KM conflict with my religion?
No. Spiritual leaders and believers of all religions and beliefs practice KM or one of the many other meditation techniques daily. KM is not a religion and not a substitute for any kind of religion. KM is neutral to any kind of belief. The process of KM is natural, it relaxes, and invigorates the consciousness and vitalises the body. KM has nothing to do with religion.

Is it possible for children to learn KM?
Essentially yes, however, the child’s willingness and ability to be calm for a specific time is the highlight of this achievement.