Successful Mantra-meditation is based on:
• The object (the inner Self),
• The Mantra,
• The seating posture in which we are able to sit in comfort for a long period of nntime,
• Natural, steady breathing.
These four aspects interact with each other and allow us to meditate easily and effortlessly.

Meditating on the Self is easy and effortless and can be practised by anyone of any age. The more we long for meditation, the more we wish for the inner awakening and the direct contact with the universally conscious energy, the closer we get to them.

The more regularly we meditate, the sooner and more frequently we experience the universally conscious energy, and the more continuously we regenerate physically and psychologically.

The person who meditates regularly and whilst doing so transcends will ultimately discover that our Self is not encased in only one, but in four layers. One after the other, he would then consciously experience each of these four layers until he has reached the aim; his Self.

The energetic body is practically the residence of the universally conscious energy, the form of the Self in us. Those who observe this form in themselves will also see it in others. Those who delve into this energy will know that ‘they are a part of the universally conscious energy’ (religiously: God).

This state is the climax of meditation. In this state all limits disappear and the feeling of individuality melts away. We experience the universally conscious viewpoint, allowing us to observe the world without contradictions and differences. Instead of seeing differences between man and woman, east and west, big and small, good and bad, past and future, we understand that the whole universe is an extension of the universally conscious energy. We recognise that everything is a moving form of the consciousness and that everything ascends from and then sinks back into the universally conscious energy, just as the waves of the ocean rise and sink back into the ocean.

In order to reach this state, we meditate. As soon as we have reached this state, we no longer need to close our eyes when we sit down to meditate. Consequently, wherever we look, we see universally conscious energy. Consequently, whatever we hear, we hear universally conscious energy. In this state we experience uninterrupted bliss.