Meditation by means of movement (this also includes breathing), meditation by means of a spoken Mantra and meditation by means of a thought Mantra are the three basic groups of meditation techniques. Each of these three groups have different variations. The easiest method for beginners is meditation by means of a thought Mantra.

A Mantra is a sound oscillation, the sound of a word. Mantras consist of letters, that then forms words, which then lead us to our target. Whether at the material level, spiritual level or energetic level, all levels are determined through Mantras. Mantras work straight away; they show immediate effect. We feel emptiness and/or indifference when words are spoken to us that are of no meaning whatsoever. We are immediately happy if we hear a few affectionate words. We are immediately angry when insulting words are said to us. We are immediately sad when we are told painful words.