Meditation is the key to the secret of happiness and health. It frees us from sickness and fear and leads us towards blissfulness, universal love and cosmic truth. Through meditation we are able to experience the highest Self; the highest perfect unity on the level of human consciousness (religiously: the godly existence of the soul, as described for hundreds of years in all major religions and cultures).

Meditation has many practical uses. It is in use worldwide by doctors, non-medical practitioners, Psychotherapists and by clergymen and priests of all religions. As well as this, multinational companies are frequently sending increasing numbers of employees to Meditation Courses to help improve not only their health, but also their creativity, intuition, ability to work as a team and leadership skills. Those who do meditate experience deep relaxation and regeneration, lose their fears and slow down their aging process. It is well known amongst academics that the meditative state (the simple change from an outward focus to an inward focus) is directly related to a slowing down of a person’s brainwave frequency, as proven by Electroencephalogram (EEG). It is the same decrease in brainwave frequency that is noticeable when we sleep and daydream. Inner peace, creativity, a constructive nature, happiness, intuition, an increasing ability to concentrate and both physical and psychological regeneration; it is such qualities that are reinforced by a decreasing brain-wave frequency - the result of meditation.

Meditation leads us to a state of transcendence - easy and effortless. It is during this transcendent state that we realise that the source of love, bliss and truth do not stem from the circumstances of life or the people around us, but instead from our own inner selves.