KM broadens our consciousness

Consciousness is the control centre of human beings. In general, it is only used to about 10% of its capacity.

A wake, unburdened consciousness allows for deep feelings, clear thoughts, continual creativity and successful actions. The result is contentment and joyfulness for life.

Whilst performing KM we experience the necessary silence that takes us back to our origins – to the level of pure consciousness. This experience arranges and improves the way our brain operates.

Harmony in our behaviour

KM causes an integrated evolution of personality.

By practising KM, our self-esteem grows continuously.

Along with psychological abilities, deep relaxation, solution of stress and the promotion of health, there is also a development in the area of feelings. We feel more contentment and harmony.

Our life becomes more colourful and fulfilled. Automatically we are in a good mood and are in the position to form contacts more easily and to form loving and understanding relationships. Our working and family lives become more fulfilled.